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Unlock Potential with Meaningful Conversations

Do you want your people leaders to hold more meaningful and effective conversations on people’s careers?

One of the core competencies for organisations now require managers to focus on developing people. Development of people starts from having good developmental coaching conversations. Good conversations are those that facilitate insights and instil employees owned actions.

This programme is designed to equip people leaders with the mindsets, skills and techniques to hold meaningful developmental conversations going beyond “filling up a form”.

We support our clients by co-designing the programme with their current people processes and frameworks in mind.

Participants’ Experiences
Those who aspire to engage in more meaningful talk time with their employees should attend this course
Insightful and useful to Management to raise their own awareness on career conversations with their employees
It’s very insightful and applicable. Not exaggerating but one of the best courses that I’ve attended.
Awesome. Changed my mindset in conducting performance and development conversations
Well done! I feel empowered to change and bring my developmental conversations to the next level.

Delivery Options

Physical/Virtual workshop

Small Group Coaching