Making Resolutions Count

I have always had the habit of writing new year resolutions. The goals I wrote gave me focus throughout the year and served as a measurement at the end of the year. For those who find it useful to have goals/resolutions at the start of the year, I personally find it great to follow the following 3 tips in writing “fulfilling” resolutions:

Are you setting goals on a more holistic level?

For most of us, we usually set goals in the areas of work/career, monetary rewards but we may have overlooked areas like family, friends and spiritual (if applicable). Have a balanced approach towards what you want for the new year!

We like to plan for what we want.

Have you thought of what you DON’T want for the new year? If you want a better job with more pay, is more stress in your equation as well? It is useful to look into what we DO NOT want so that we are mindful to always make choices aligned to our priorities in life. For every course of action, there will always be consequences.

Have you reflected on your positives?

I find myself approaching the new year with more gratitude and energy when I reflect on what I have achieved for the past 1 year. I will try to make a conscious effort to look into “what I have and be grateful” rather than always looking at “what I do not have”. This reflection set me up with a feeling of gratitude and kindness to pursue futher for the new year.