About us

About us

In any successful change management journey, the people side of the strategy should be the top of the mind in the boardroom discussions.  People do not resist change, but they resist how they are being changed.

In 2009, after a very successful cultural transformation journey with her former organisation, Teng Teng had a vision. In that journey, she experienced a culture transformation from a one with indifference to one that was awarded the Best Employer of Choice. She had an epiphany moment where she understood the key role of leaders is to build culture where employees can experience joy in work. We cannot give what we do not have. Joy in work is essential for any organisation to thrive.

Teng Teng envisions organisation be a place for human goodness to shine, where people get connected with their purpose, find meaning and joy in what they are doing. To enable that, leaders need to lead with deeper consciousness, wisdom and compassion to create true impact that truly serves humanity. 

Since then, GROW has grown to a boutique firm, serving some of our esteemed clients in the various sectors and, we are still just getting started. (click here to read our clients’ stories). Our team includes a close knitted pool of coaches and consultants who choose to work together because we understand what it takes to win the hearts and minds of people!   

Praesent feugiat sem.
A wonderful serenity.
Premium services for you.
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Our Purpose Our Values

We develop people to be more resourceful in responding to changes, doing their best work with joy.

Sincerity : Speak and care from our heart
Professionalism : Deliver the best we can
Passionate : Love what we do